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Aluminum Door & Window 

Windows and doors are key architectural components that connect a building's interior to the outside while also providing ventilation and light. The purpose, kind, size, and position of windows and doors have a significant impact on their functionality and costs.

We offer a comprehensive range of windows and doors in a variety of colors, finishes, operating styles, and functionality that deliver the best value for money.


Folding or accordion doors glide and fold out of the way at the same time. When these doors are opened, several panels (between three and ten depending on the total width of the entrance) fold upon one another, neatly stacking away.


Turnstile revolving doors are both useful and attractive. They prevent heat loss in the winter and gain in the summer, and are especially useful in high-traffic areas where energy efficiency is valued.


Sliding windows can be horizontal (where the sashes slide left and right) or vertical (where the sashes slide up and down) (sashes slide up or down). Sliding doors (patio doors) instantly modify any space by allowing far more light to enter than ordinary doors. They are totally weather-sealed and run on smooth-gliding adjustable rollers. Two or three panels are available, with one panel always fixed.


A casement or hinged window is one that opens outwardly or inwards and is hinged on one side. Because casement windows may be fully opened, they allow nearly 100% ventilation. Hinged Aluminum doors are the most common form of door, with hinges on the left or right side of the door jamb, allowing them to open inward or outward.


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